We started our operations in Greece in 2004. We are among the main food suppliers of the Greek business and family and our vision is to bring the freshness of the sea to the plate of all Greeks. We are proud of our long experience on sea products, as nowadays, the tradition of Pescanova is more relevant than ever, ready to satisfy consumers conscious of a quality diet for health, wellness, taste and delight in their life.

Our mission is to constantly remind you the value of fish and seafood, enrich and deepen your knowledge about them and sharpen your imagination through new ideas.

However, above all, we aspire – through the high standards of taste, practicality and innovation of Pescanova – to make grown-ups and little ones love and feel familiar with fish and seafood, so that a healthy diet becomes a daily routine for everyone, starting from tomorrow. This is the freshness we bring to your life, through an equally fresh perspective on ethics and care: The sea is our home, the fish is our future and the children of our consumers are our children. We give the best of us to ensure the best for everyone.




Pescanova applies a vertical integration model, from fish and seafood sourcing to commercialization, in order to make sure that incomparable freshness reaches consumers’ table.

100% certified

We are 100% in control of the origin of our fish and seafood, as well as of their processing, packaging and proper commercialization. That’s why we can guarantee such a high quality.

Value accessible

to everyone

Pescanova provides fish and seafood of high value and makes a healthy diet accessible to everyone.

Substainable future

We have signed the FAO Code of Conduct for responsible fisheries. We operate in accordance with rules and practices which respect living aquatic resources and the biodiversity of the marine ecosystem through streamlined fishing processes.


Pescanova was created in Spain to offer high quality fish throughout the world. Below follow some major points in its history.

Pescanova is the first company in the world to proceed with the deep freezing of fish and the first to place freezers in supermarkets for the commercialization of its products.

Pescanova innovates by building LEMOS, the world’s first freezer vessel which allows for deep freezing on board, thus making it a leader in freshly frozen fish globally.

A few months after its foundation, Pescanova launches three new vessels: Andrade, Pambre and Doncos.

The fleet is complemented with Soutomaior and Sobroso which, thanks to their on-board freezing technology, make it possible for Pescanova to explore the best fishing grounds in the world for high quality catches.

Since its establishment, the company’s scope focuses on fishing which involves the quality control of its products and the delivery of incomparable freshness to consumers.

Two stern trawlers are built, Vimianzo and Villalba, as the first vessels that allow for fishing over the stern, rather than over the side.

Ten years after its foundation, in the 1970s Pescanova is recognized as the greatest fishing company in Europe.


Almost 60 years after its foundation, Pescanova stays loyal to its values. The company keeps operating as a vertically integrated fishery through certified practices promoting the protection of the living aquatic resources and the marine ecosystem, from fish and seafood sourcing to its commercialization in markets worldwide.

Right now, Pescanova Group has a dynamic presence in all five continents with its own fleet of vessels, aquaculture units and production facilities, employing about 10,000 people.

Its goal is to offer a wide range of fish and seafood products of high nutritional value, aspiring to bring the freshness of the sea to consumers’ table.