Pescanova is committed to the conservation of the aquatic ecosystems and the marine environment. We have adopted the principles of the FAO Code of Conduct for Responsible Fisheries and for over 50 years we have been sourcing our seafood responsibly.

We are well aware that the proper legal and biological regulations for the handling of living aquatic resources is the only way for the sustainable exploitation of these reserves. As a leader in the sector of marine-derived products, Pescanova promotes quality, diversity and the availability of aquatic resources in sufficient quantities for the generations of today and tomorrow.

We are loyal to the Pescanova Blue Sustainability Program, which is the operational response of Pescanova Group to the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) it is applying.

This program has been designed to guide, document and improve our activities in relation to the fulfilment of our social goals, which are: to safeguard the sustainable sourcing of our catches in order to offer safe seafood products of high quality and nutritional value; to support our personnel in the best possible way; and to improve the living standards in the communities where we are operating.

Our own good

goes along with

that of the sea

The sea is our home, the fish is our future and the children of our consumers are our children. We give the best of us to ensure the availability and quality of natural resources for generations to come.


Pescanova Group firmly believes in the responsible use of living and other natural resources. We are committed to present evidence of our sustainable fishing practices through the Pescanova Blue Sustainability Program. This commitment includes, among other things, activities such as the Responsible Fishing Standard for the fishing of hake applied in Namibia, our participation in Fishery Improvement Projects (FIP) and our compliance with the sustainability standards validated by the Global Sustainable Seafood Initiative. Moreover, we are collaborating with unions and NGOs throughout the spectrum of fishing and farming in order to collectively support the sustainability of the species we are exploiting. We are also investing in the sector of aquaculture in order to contribute to the increased demand for seafood products, given that the conservation of the natural resources and ecosystem biodiversity is necessary in order to preserve the productivity of the ecosystems. We produce in a sustainable way the turbot in Spain and the Vannamei shrimp in Latin America.


We guarantee the traceability of our products and invest in research for advanced and innovative practices in order to optimize our performance and minimize our impact on the environment.

We have acquired certifications and accreditations from internationally recognized fishing standards for both our aquaculture and seafood processing activities. Some of these are:

  • Global G.A.P. (Good Agricultural Practices)
  • Best Aquaculture Practices (BAP) standard
  • Food certification in accordance to International Featured Standards (IFS)
  • Worldwide certification standard for food safety (British Retail Consortium – BRC)


We are working towards the improvement of our fishing, farming and processing practices, as well as for the safety of our products.

Pescanova operates responsibly in both land and sea, in compliance with the environmental legislation, standards and directives. Our facilities for the processing of our products have received internationally recognized certifications as we apply programs aiming at minimum environmental footprint and excellence-driven innovation.